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All Mighty Mule & GTO PRO Gate Openers
are Solar Compatible

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We also carry Mighty Mule and GTO PRO replacement parts
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and let our sales engineers customize a system that is right for you!!
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SP Tennessee
Thank you so much for working with my Dad to fill his GTO parts needs. I confess I do not often encounter vendors who handle customer service with such personal/professional/timely protocol.
My Dad was equally impressed :-)

QC Virginia
Well, with this type of service, I'll continue to be a repeat customer. I've got two GTO2000 gates on our farm, so I'm comforted to know there's a place with integrity where I can get my parts, and recommend to others.
Many Thanks!
Thank-you for helping us select the right system for our gates. You asked questions about our gates and helped us make a great selection

Your sales represenatives were courteous and polite. We got what we expected and we love our gate opener!
I appreciate your great service and the great product.

My favorite gate opener people!
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