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GTO PRO GP-SL100 Slide Gate Opener
GP-SL100 Series Slide Gate Opener
GTO PRO D/C Slide Gate Openers should only be installed by a qualified installer and should not be installed by the purchaser unless the purchaser is qualified to install complex mechanical equipment.
The GP-SL100 is designed for continuous duty
operation of slide gates. Max Gate; Weight 1200 lbs.
(544.3 kg), Length 37 ft. (11.3 m) with a 32 ft. (9.8 m)
opening. Assumes gate to be free sliding in good working
condition on a level plane.
AC Powered with inherent UPS (Uninterrupted Power System / Battery Backup - Requires two 12 volt batteries (not included)
Continuous duty gate operation and all DC powered counters / safety devices.
On board 12 V DC power delivers 300 Amp UPS
120 Vac 60 Hz built in power receptacles (1 amp rated)
25:1 direct drive worm gear with totally enclosed gear reduction
2500 RPM, 24V brushless DC motor - 1/2 HP. equivalent
Operating temp 5 F (-28C) to +160 F (71 C)
Non back-drive gearbox with ball bearing output shaft
20 ft #41 Chain included with Gate Opener (If you need extra chain, 10 ft sections are listed below).
12"per second maximum travel speed
Weatherproof high density ABS, UV resistant cover
Heavy Duty Steel Chassis
GTO/PRO's advanced technology commercial control board
- Digital / optical limits with fine adjustment JOG push buttons for easy and accurate setting of limits
- 100% solid-state motor controls circuitry
- APS (Absolute Position System) tracking system
- On board 3-Push button control station
Operation, diagnostic and safety alarms, reverse sensor system
Visual LED and audible diagnostic indicators
Plug-in loop detector inputs for exit, shadow and safety loops
Smooth start / smooth stop-for long mechanical life expectancy
Built in power management system utilizing a high effiency
switchmode power supply. (AC power supply, audible and visual low battery indicators, no loss of functionality in battery back up mode)
Auto close adjustable 3-120 seconds delay
Fail Safe or Fail Secure DIP switch selectable for low battery operation
12 Vdc, 300mA (.3 Amp), poly fuse protected auxiliary power output
Height: 27"
Depth: 18"
Width: 15"
7 year residential 5 year commercial
Class I, II, III, IV
System cerified with UL325 5th Edition
safety standards, ETL listed
The GP-SL100 is dual gate capable via communication link wires (14 - 20) gauge multi stranded 2-wire shielded
Two GP-SL100 gate openers required for Dual Gate Operation

Requires Certified Electrician for 120 Volt a/c power to the gate opener

Radio Receiver and Transmitter not included

Installation Manual
(pdf document)



Radio receiver for remote control transmitters:


Transmitter for radio controls:
RB741 Single button transmitter

RB207-10 Additional # 41 chain 10 ft sections w/ master link
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